Accessible Content ePortal (ACE)

Wishart Library is an active member of the Accessible Content ePortal (ACE), meaning we are able to provide accessible formats of items in our collection upon request.

To request access or to learn more, please contact our Academic Librarian, Lisl Schoner-Saunders.

ACE Logo

The Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE) supports users with print disabilities at participating Ontario universities and colleges by making library collections accessible through an online platform. ACE contains a variety of library books which have been digitized and made available in accessible formats. Eligible users can also request books to be digitized and added to the collection on demand through our on-demand digitization service.

ACE is more than just a repository of accessible texts, it is an advocacy initiative which seeks to create opportunities to improve accessibility awareness across Ontario universities. Representatives from Ontario university libraries collaborate to identify future directions for this service, and rely on its support in making library collections accessible.

The Collection

The ACE repository stores digital copies of library holdings which are accessible, upon request, to library users at Ontario universities. The ACE collection is continuously growing, and a wide variety of subject areas are already represented. There are no restrictions of the subject matter of books that can be included in the repository, provided a print copy is available at one of the participating university libraries.

All books available in ACE are provided in the following accessible formats: 

  • Colour PDF
  • Black & white PDF
  • Plain text file (TXT)
  • ePub