The Writing Lab

The Writing Lab is a free service available to all AlgomaU registered students in any discipline and year of study. Students make individual appointments to meet with the Writing Lab Instructor to get help with planning, drafting, researching, and referencing throughout the writing process.

To make an appointment in the Writing Lab, fill in this Google Form or click the button above. The Writing Lab Instructor, Prof. Marissa Ross, will respond within 1 to 2 business days. 

The Writing Lab will be completely virtual. Students will submit their assignments using the Google Form and can expect a response in 1-2 business days.

For questions about how the Writing Lab can help you and how to reach me, please email Prof. Marissa Ross, Writing Lab Instructor.

For more free resources and information check out the Writing Lab on the Learning Management Site (LMS).

The Learning Centre

  • Looking for help with study strategies, note-taking and textbook reading tips, or meeting time management goals?
  • Have questions about accommodations?
  • Want to get a tutor? Want to be a tutor?

Visit Raquel Lehto or Jenn Reid in the Learning Centre, located in NW302. Email the Learning Centre with non-confidential inquiries, or check out the Learning Centre webpage.

*Please note: Confidential information should be emailed directly to Raquel Lehto or Jenn Reid.

The Math Lab

This free by-appointment tutoring service is open to all students at AlgomaU who would like help with the mathematical contents of any course.

The Math Lab is a free service for all students who need help with the mathematical concepts and content of any course at Algoma. To arrange a Math Lab meeting send an email to Students must indicate the course and content they require assistance with. A mutually convenient time will then be agreed on. All Math Lab sessions will be conducted via Google Meet.

Questions? Email Mark DeFazio.

More Resources

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