Tours, Workshops, & Events

Tours and workshop sessions are offered to acquaint students with the library’s facilities, collections, and services and to strengthen research skills. Library staff are trained to provide research help and are pleased to answer questions and respond to requests for information.

If you are interested in hosting an event in the library, having a tour of the library, or wanting a workshop or information session, please contact our Reference Department.


The Wishart Library Team is happy to provide tours of the library to anyone who is interested, whether it be classes, groups, or individuals. The Library will often host an event during orientation week and open house days to get students familiar with and feeling welcome in the space.

Workshops & Information Literacy

The Reference Department does a great job creating specialized workshops, information literacy sessions, and introductory library tutorials. We are always willing to work with faculty to cater a session to meet there needs.

However, do to a lack of a library workshop space, there are restrictions on the types and number of sessions we are able to offer. We do our best to accommodate and meet the needs of everyone.


As a student and user oriented space, we are always looking for new ways to engage with and provide services for our patrons. The library makes an effort to run easy and low-commitment events throughout the year, such as a weekly knitting club, de-stress weeks, and scavenger hunts. Be sure to follow our social media feeds to keep up to date with our upcoming events.

Wishart Library recognizes that we are the major study space on campus, and as such, we do our best to ensure minimal disruption to this space and advance warning of upcoming events. We continually work to make our library a welcoming space for everyone.

Wishart Library Interior