Print / Copy / Scan

There are 3 printers located in the library. Each printer has the ability to print, copy and scan. Scan-to-email is also available.

Every student is credited with $20.00 for the semester. To add more money to your account contact the Library Services Desk. To check the balance of your account, go to the Student Portal. (Under the Profile tab you will find your Print Balance and Pin).

Don’t hesitate to ask someone from the IT Help Desk or the Library Services Desk for assistance with the printers!


To print, send a document to AU-P-PRN-03 from the computers near the Research Help Area. Go to any printer in the library (or on campus), tap your Student Card on the sensor or enter your Print Pin, and your print job will appear on the screen. In the Top Left click PRINT to release the print job.

You are also able to Print from Your Own Device! There are few ways you can do this. Check out the instructions from the ITS Service Desk. If you have any technical problems, ITS would be happy to help you!

Copy / Scan

You are also welcome to make copies and/or scans on the printers. Tap your student card on the sensor and follow the prompts to make copies or scans.

Public Access

Members of the public are welcome to use the printers for a fee. Print jobs are $0.10 per side for black and white pages, and $0.20 per side for colour pages. Copies are only available via Photocopy Cards which can be purchased at the Library Service Desk for a minimum of $2. If you would like to use the scan-to-email feature (this feature is free of charge), ask someone at the Library Service Desk to assist you.

We are currently not accepting Cash or Credit at our Library Service Desk. As a result, anything under $5 is free of charge. For everything else, please have Debit prepared. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation!


Cautionary notices regarding infringement of copyright are posted near the photocopiers. Serious penalties can result from illegal photocopying. All publications formats (e.g., print, film, microform, video, audio, and electronic) are covered by copyright. If you have concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our University Librarian.

For more information on Copyright restrictions, check out our Copyright and Fair Dealing information page.

Library Services Desk