What is Omni?

Omni is our new Academic Search tool. It allows you to search our entire electronic and physical collection at once, with a seamless connection to your Library Account. This means users can search for resources, request items, and see their account status all in one place. Omni offers enhanced discovery and delivery of information resources at Algoma, our partner institutions, and beyond.

Signing in to your Library Accounts allows you to:

  • Access Full Text
  • Access My Favourites
  • Check Loans & Requested Items
  • Create Alerts
  • Renew Materials
  • Update Your Profile or Personal Information
  • View Search History & Saved Searches

Basic Search Principles

Omni times out after 30 minutes of inactivity, resetting itself to the default search page.

There are three different domains that Omni can search:

  1. Algoma’s physical and online resources
  2. Wishart + Omni Libraries: this search parameter adds the physical holdings of all the partner university libraries in Omni
  3. Add results beyond Algoma’s Collection: this search parameter adds vast academic eResources beyond what the library has access to. This should be used in conjunction with interlibrary loan