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LIB-017 Library Workshop Policy

Library Workshop Policy

Category: Library

Number: LIB-017

Responsibility: University Librarian

Approver: Library Management Team

Approval: September 1, 2014



Including library assignments and workshops can be an excellent way for faculty to develop and strengthen information literacy skills in their students.  In order for such assignments and workshops to be effective they need to be tied to a course written assignment, oral presentation or term project. 


This policy applies to the entire Arthur A. Wishart Library user community.


1. Attendance

Library workshops are tailored to suit the needs of each individual course and take considerable time to prepare.  Some students may mistakenly believe that they do not need to attend a library workshop because they have already had one in another course.  It should be made clear that each library workshop is different and covers materials related to their course specific assignment.  In order to maximize attendance at these workshops, it should also be clearly communicated to students in advance that such workshops are considered part of their course work and may be counted as part of their overall participation grade.  Faculty attendance and participation in workshops is encouraged.


2. Requesting Workshops

Workshops should be requested well in advance, with all term workshops being booked by the end of the first full week of class each term.  When requesting a library workshop, the instructor shall provide the librarian or subject specialist with a copy of the assignment, as well as a course outline at least one week in advance of the workshop.


3. Number of Workshops

Where library resources are limited, the normal allotment for a course shall be 1 (one and a half hour length) workshop per course per term.


4. Library Assignments / Worksheets

Faculty members may request that a workshop include a library assignment worksheet that reinforces key concepts covered in their library workshop.  The librarian or subject specialist responsible for the workshop will provide the faculty member with an answer key if one is required.  Should the faculty member wish to grade the worksheets, it will be up to the individual faculty member (or their teaching assistant) to grade such worksheets.



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