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LIB-007 Donations Policy

Donations Policy

Category: Library

Number: LIB-007

Responsibility: University Librarian

Approver: Library Management Team

Approval: September 1, 2012

Revised: November 12, 2012


From time to time the Arthur A. Wishart Library accepts donations of published and unpublished materials on behalf of the University that enhances the Library's ability to facilitate teaching, study and research.


This policy applies to the entire Arthur A. Wishart Library user community.


1. General

1.1 The library actively collects materials to serve the needs of the students enrolled at Algoma University and the faculty.

1.2 Materials purchased by the library are given priority in terms of shelf space.

2. Guidelines on Donations

2.1 Only material suitable for inclusion in a university library collection, that is, having scholarly value, will be accepted.

2.2 The material donated must be in reasonably good physical condition (e.g. dry, un-mildewed, firmly bound, etc.).

2.3 Potential donors must consult with the library before arranging for the delivery of the donation.

2.4 The library assumes no responsibility or liability for unsolicited or spontaneous donations.

2.4 Donations should normally be delivered to the library by the donor.

2.4.1The library does not generally accept the responsibility for shipping nor for shipping.

2.5 The library reserves the right to weed donated collections, selecting the items for addition to the library and disposing of the balance of materials in whatever way it deems appropriate.

2.5.1 Unsolicited donations will only be considered for a tax receipt at the discretion of the University Librarian AND only if the donated materials are deemed suitable and usable by the library.

2.6 NO donation will be considered for a tax receipt if it can not be used by the library.

3. Appraisals of Materials and Tax Receipts for Donations

3.1 The professional librarians on staff will provide appraisals of materials to be donated to the library at the request of the donor.

3.2 If the donor wishes an independent appraisal, the donor will bear the cost of such an appraisal.

3.2 Donors of valuable materials will be provided upon request a receipt for income tax purposes stating the appraised value of the donated items added to the library's collections,as long as the appraised value exceeds $50.00.

3.4 All arms-length appraisals of major gifts will be conducted by appraisers recommended by the National Archives Appraisal Board (NAAB) when there is a sufficient number of major donations to warrant the expense to the library. 

3.4.1 Donors who wish a major gift appraisal done immediately shall bear the cost of the NAAB appraisal.




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