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LIB-009 Library Code of Conduct Policy

Library Code of Conduct Policy

Category: Library

Number: LIB-009

Responsibility: University Librarian

Approver: Library Management Team

Approval: September 1, 2012



The Arthur A. Wishart Library provides space, materials, access and assistance to its users to acquire information and knowledge.  The Library creates and maintains a positive and productive learning environment, in which all persons treat each other with mutual respect and courtesy. The Library serves as a shared and common resource for all students, faculty, and members of the community. This Code of Conduct serves to supplement existing University and Library policies and provide guidance for all users about expectations in the library.


This policy applies to the entire Arthur A. Wishart Library user community.


1. Cell Phones

1.1 Please silence cell phone ringers in the Library or set your phone to vibrate mode.

1.2 Generally, use of cell phones is not permitted in the Library.

1.3 However, if you must take a call, please do so in the Library stairwells in order not to disturb other Library users.

2. Food and Drink
2.1 In the interest of providing a comfortable and positive learning atmosphere for our users, the Arthur A. Wishart Library allows for the consumption of cold food and non-alcoholic beverages, in covered containers, in most areas. To maximize the continuing value of the our collections, equipment, furnishings, please adhere to the following guidelines:
2.2 Allowable areas: At the computers; study tables; chairs; study carrels; Teaching & Learning Centre.
2.3 Non-allowable areas: Special Collections and Archives (1st Floor, West Wing)
2.4 Non-allowable items: Hot and/or odorous food and open drinks. Deliveries of food are prohibited. Authorized deliveries for sponsored events are not subject to this policy. Drinks are permitted in spill-proof, covered containers.
2.5 Only covered drinks are permitted at computer stations or other workstations with electronic equipment.
2.6 All users are expected to dispose of personal garbage in the appropriate containers provided by the University.

2.7 Please report spills and/or waste issues to staff immediately.

2.8 Anyone who does not respect this policy will be asked to dispose of the non-allowable food or beverages or to leave the building.

3. Noise and Conversation
3.1 The library allows quiet conversation and collaboration to foster academic work.
3.2 Out of respect for other users, students should refrain from loud or disruptive conversations or other noisy behaviours.
3.3 Personal music players with earphones are permitted provided volume is kept low.
3.4 Group work is intended for the Third (main) Floor of the library; the Second Floor is intended to be a quiet floor.
4. Conduct
4.1 In order to foster an environment of mutual respect, offensive and inappropriate behaviours or the use of coarse language will not be tolerated.
4.2 Library staff members reserve the right to determine what are considered coarse, inappropriate or offensive behaviours.
5. Use of Library Resources

5.1 Borrowing Materials

5.1.1 All library users are expected to familiarize themselves with library policies regarding loan periods and fines, including those related to Interlibrary Loans. These policies are posted at the Circulation desk and on the library website under the heading Services, Borrowing.

5.1.2 When returning and/or renewing materials, due dates should be respected and reasonable attempts should be made to return overdue items. All library users are responsible for payment of overdue materials signed out on their library account.

5.2 Library Materials

5.2.1 Library materials may be removed from the library only when they have been checked out at the Circulation Desk. During this process staff may ask to see valid university identification.

5.2.2 Staff may require users to show the contents of briefcases or backpacks at the exit to check for library materials if the alarm is triggered.

5.2.3 Library books, journals, government documents, equipment and furniture should be treated with care and should not be damaged or defaced.

5.3 Re-shelving

5.3.1 Students are asked not to re-shelve library materials. Used materials should be left out on tables or placed on designated library carts for library staff to re-shelve. This helps track material use and reduces mis-shelving.

5.4 Use of Workstations

5.4.1 Computer workstations are intended for academic use and students should be respectful of this. Any library user who chooses not to follow the Wishart Library Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the library. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action under the University's Code of Student Conduct Polcy (non-academic).



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