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Registered Readers

The following applies to Registered Readers of Arthur A. Wishart Library:

1. Registered Readers may fall into the following categories:

1.1 any high school student;

1.2 any Canadian university student not enrolled at Algoma U;

1.3 any Canadian university faculty member in good standing with his or her home institution;

1.4 any adult in the community;

1.5 Algoma University alumni.

2. Applications for Registered Reader Borrowing Privileges:

2.1 Application forms are available at the Library Circulation Desk.

2.2 High school students wishing to borrow books must complete an application form signed by their school principal and school librarian.

2.3 High school students under 18 years of age must also have their application signed by a parent or guardian.

3. Borrowing Privileges:

3.1 Registered Readers must present a valid library card in order to borrow materials.

3.2 Registered Reader cards issued to registered readers are valid for a calendar year.

3.3 Registered Readers may borrow up to five (5) items from the Circulating Collection for a 21 day period.

3.4 Registered Readers may renew loans in person (telephone renewal is allowed if the reader resides outside the city of Sault Ste. Marie) for an additional three week period provided that:

a. the books have not been requested by another library user;

b. the loans have not been previously renewed (only one renewal is permitted);

c. the books are not overdue.

4. Delinquent Library Accounts

4.1 Registered Readers with outstanding Library debts will be identified on the Library Delinquent List and will have their borrowing privileges suspended until all debts have been paid (see Fines and Holds for more information).

5. Fee for Borrowing Privileges:

5.1 The fee paid by registered readers for library borrowing privileges is $20.00 per year.

6. Cancellation of Borrowing Privileges:

6.1 Borrowing privileges will be cancelled if a borrower uses them irresponsibly (e.g., by lending a library card to another individual, by damaging books, or by failing to pay fines, seeking to circumvent the Library's policies, etc.).

6.2 All Library users with borrowing privileges are personally responsible for loss or damage of books signed out in their names, as well as for all accumulated fines.



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