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The Library is an integral part of research, teaching, and learning at Algoma University. Providing access to a range of materials broad enough to support curriculum, research, and study one of Library’s principal missions. In addition, through the professional practice of academic librarianship, the Library, led by the professional Library faculty, participates directly in teaching the research skills, which underlie academic success.

As it relates to collections, the professional practice of academic librarianship encompasses the development, management and evaluation of information resource collections; appraisal, acquisition, bibliographic control, storage, preservation and conservation of information resources and collections; development, implementation and management of information systems designed to enable access to library services and resources, build digital collections, and facilitate scholarly communication; and evaluation, measurement and analysis of user needs and library services and resources; research services, extension, and other activities related to programs under contract to the University.

The selection of materials for the Library, including suggested purchases, is governed by the Library's Collections Development Policy.  Suggested purchases are reviewed for suitability and are not automatically purchased.  In addition, normally, only single copies of a particular item are purchased; and monographs that are published specifically as textbooks are not acquired for the library’s collections.

Algoma University students, faculty, and staff may use this form to suggest items to be ordered. Be sure to check the Library's Catalogue and directory of databases before submitting a request. Please fill in as much information as possible about the item. Use this form for non-course materials only.


Please tell us why you think we should purchase the resource.


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