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Annual Plan 2008-2009

Arthur A. Wishart Library Annual Plan 2008-2009

The Arthur A. Wishart Library resources and staff are vital components for delivering high quality education to Algoma University students. The scope of collections and instructional capacity of the library are areas, which require constant improvements in order to meet the needs of a new, growing university with unique programs and a unique student mix compared to the rest of the university system in Ontario.

From access to print and electronic resources, through learner-centered programs in research skills and information access, to the provision of study space, the library must be an integral part of the overall Algoma academic experience. The ‘new’ Algoma University – as part of improving opportunity and expanding teaching and research capacity – will need to expand its collections, carefully review its electronic acquisitions and “staff up” to meet the increased demands associated with the loss of expertise and systems from Laurentian University, the expanded program offerings, and the Library’s growing role in contributing to student success. And as part of a newly independent university, Algoma University’s library will play an important provincial and national role as a member of scholarly research networks such as the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) and the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN). Algoma University will engage the services of OCUL and CRKN staff and systems to assist with digital and online collection assessment.

What have we achieved?

  • The library has promoted individual and class instruction sessions to faculty and students heavily since 2006. The library staff have also promoted these services to area high schools to enhance research skills at the secondary school level as well as to introduce secondary school students to the university.
    • Library services make current research, study and teaching possible and provide the intellectual resources that enable scholarly activities generally.
  • The library has performed collection analyses and targeted resource acquisitions according to the analyses and faculty input. Major improvements have been made to print monograph and periodical collections. As well as online journal collections have been dramatically enhanced from ~11,000 online journal titles in 2006 to ~21,000 online journal titles in 2008.
    • Library services support institutional development by building resource collections that make possible and permissible new and innovative research and teaching programs.

What are the resource, access and instructional strategies moving forward?

  • Improve access to digital information for all academic disciplines through CRKN
    • Join CRKN as a full member in fall 2008.
    • Participate in a new CRKN proposal to the Canadian Foundation for Innovation – Content Infrastructure for the Human and Social Sciences
    • Participate in the CRKN’s existing scholarly database programs.
  • Improve access to digital information for all academic disciplines through OCUL
    • Join OCUL as a full member in fall 2008.
    • Participate in new and existing scholarly database programs through OCUL
    • Participate as a ‘hub’ on the provincial inter-library loan network
  • As a result of independence and emergent institution funding Algoma University can leverage these memberships to enhance on- and off-campus access to additional ebooks (reference resources).
    • This strategy quickly increases monographic collections less expensively, without using space, with current titles. Multiple users can access on and off campus.
    • Focus will be on supporting the new 4-year degree options (Anishinaabe Studies, Biology, Fine Arts (BDesign), Geography, and Sociology)


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