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Annual Plan 2007-2008

Annual Plan 2007-2008

What is this priority?

  • The Arthur A. Wishart Library develops and provides access to comprehensive print and electronic collections of scholarly monographs, periodicals, government documents and audio-visual media to support current and future programs of research and study at Algoma University College.

Why this priority?

  • Library services make current research, study and teaching possible; provides the intellectual resources that enable scholarly activities generally.
  • Library services support institutional development by building resource collections that make possible and permissible (from Laurentian’s and the provincial government’s perspective) new and innovative research and teaching programs.
  • Library services can access diverse sources of grants, community, provincial and national resource partnerships and fundraising sources not accessible to the rest of the university
  • Library services are marketable and attract potential students and faculty as shown in national surveys such as the Maclean’s magazine annual university rankings.

What are the two-year strategies?


The library should be at the centre of academic life; it is the engine of research and teaching success.

Overall Two-Year Goals

  • Dramatically increase awareness and usage of the library’s services on campus and remotely.
  • Specific Strategies:
    • Develop new web site to use interactive technologies such as community wikis, web blogs, feedback forums, and really simple syndication news feeds to push enhanced content information to appropriate end users and permit convenient faculty and student feedback to the library
    • Hold systematic meetings with faculty and students groups to communicate and promote library services better.
    • Partner with other academic libraries to increase information breadth, currency and access. Current partners are the University of Abertay Dundee (Scotland) and Laurentian University (Sudbury).
    • Use technology to increase and enhance offsite access to scholarly resources on a 24/7 basis.
    • Work with University Services to re-use Library space and create group study spaces and a multi-media, multi-use instructional room
    • Both areas will be available to the university at large, but booking will be co-ordinated by the Library using a system that is transparent and convenient system for all users.
    • Both new spaces will support targets set for increased instruction in library skills (below) and submitted in the Enhancing the Quality of the Learning Environment section of the MYAP to the provincial government. Further both will show dedicated study space for students that is a sine qua non of an academic library according to measures established by every prominent academic library association.
    • Increase computer access available in the library.
    • Increase number of information literacy and library research skills courses delivered in class, in library, and online.
    • Develop colloquium (endowed?) series to deliver public lectures on library and related information technologies each month; invite guest speakers from faculty, student body and community.

What are the long-term strategies?

  • Over five years increase funding level as percentage of university budget to match our “stretch goal” competitor (Mount Allison) and make better use of the funding to match strategic objectives of the university: from 4.1% to 6-7%.
    • Of the 4.1% of university budget that is spent on library services, only 1.2% ($122,500 in 2006-2007) is spent specifically on library materials (databases, monographs, periodicals, government documents, audio-visual titles). Gradually increase this to 2% of university budget over 5 years.
  • Over five years increase library holdings per FTE to 250 (double current figure for AUC).
  • Over five years increase percentage of library budget allocated to Acquisitions and Databases to 40% from 32.7%
  • Over five years develop library instruction to the point where every first year student receives at least one library instruction course either in person or online.
  • Develop baseline measurement of number of high-school classes that receive tours of library in 2006-2007 and develop plan with Registrar to increase this 10% year over year for the next five years.
  • Develop baseline measurement of number of registered readers in 2006-2007 and increase10% year over year for the next five years.
  • Develop marketing strategy and program with Communications, Advancement and faculty to encourage, solicit and reward valuable archival and special collection gifts in kind appropriate to AUC.
  • Acquire at least one major archival or special collection per year over the next five years; to be able to bring in $25,000 per year in gifts in kind by the end of 2012. (Done as of 2010 -- KH).


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